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The Distillery is opened all year long, also on these public holidays: Ascension day, Whit Monday, July 14th, August 15th.


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Distillerie Warenghem – Route de Guingamp, Boutill, 22300 Lannion




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Our other products


The Warenghem distillery has been exploiting its expertise to produce high-quality liqueurs and spirits for more than 100 years. In 1900, Léon Warenghem created the Elixir d’Armorique, a subtle mix of 35 distilled plants added to single malt Breton whisky. The tradition has been carried on and the Warenghem distillery develops numerous fruit and plant-based liqueurs. All are produced with the greatest of respect for tradition and the century-old know-how of the distillery.


The Elixir d’Armorique is the iconic product of the Distillery. 120 years old and still excellent ! Our elixir has won several awards since the beginning of the last century and has kept the subtle balance between the different plants used in its composition.

Made from 35 plants (genepi, chartreuse, coriander, orange peel) macerated in alcohol and spring water from the distillery, the whole is then distilled. Finally, we add water, honey and Breton Whisky Single Malt to get the Elixir, so characteristic of our distillery.

This traditional alcohol will fill you up at the time of the digestive.


Elixir d’Armorique is a delicate and richly scented liquor. A traditional digestive, it can also be enjoyed in cocktails, for an astonishing floral note: Elixir Mojito (to replace Rum), Elixir and Tonic.

Triple Sec

Emblematic product of the distillery, it has been made in Lannion for over a hundred years. Made from the distillation of orange peels, its recipe includes a “secret” ingredient that adds a lemony note to the whole and differentiates it from other dry triples. With the addition of sugar and water, it becomes the Triple Sec Warenghem, appreciated by bartenders and ideal for cocktails.


To the palate, it is a sweet balance between sugar and alcohol, bitter orange and sweet orange, which characterizes our Triple Sec. It is a traditional digestive if appreciated on its own. It’s also a great classic for cocktails, where it brings a touch of citrus : Cosmopolitan, Long Island and others. Excellent in cooking and baking also : flambé meats, tiramisu, crêpes or cakes.


Made in Lannion, our strawberry liqueur from Plougastel is the alliance of a typical product from Brittany, recognized for its undeniable gustative qualities, and of a hundred-year-old know-how in the field of fruit liqueurs. The strawberries of Plougastel are macerated in alcohol before being pressed in a traditional wooden press. This authentic manufacturing technique allows to extract the inimitable taste of the Strawberry of Plougastel.


Liqueur de Fraise de Plougastel, with its rich taste, can be enjoyed on its own or in a kir : traditional kir (with white wine), or Breton kir, fresh and sparkling, if mixed with apple cider.

Also astonishing as a topping or coulis for gourmet desserts.

Blackcurrant berries

Our Crème de Cassis de Lannion is a rich liquor, with a concentrated taste, resulting from a traditional maceration. The blackcurrant berries are macerated with alcohol and the squeezed in a traditional wooden press. We finally add alcohol and syrup, and then the liquor is ready.

A unique taste, a great know-how, all the aromas of the blackcurrant in your glass.


The tasty Crème de Cassis de Lannion, made from carefully selected blackcurrant berries, reveals its aromas in traditional kir (if mixed with white wine) or in a Breton kir, fresh and sparkling, if lixed with apple cider.

Also astonishing as a topping or coulis for gourmet desserts.


The Liqueur de Menthe Givrée is a historical product of the distillery, made by traditional methods in Lannion from natural mint aroma and always with spring water from our distillery.

It is now certified from Organic Agriculture.


This mint liqueur with an intense taste can be consumed pure as a digestive, and can also be enjoyed in cocktails, and why not in your cooking. Its fresh and minty taste will leave you a tasty mint taste in your mouth.


The Warenghem distillery also produces blends under the GALLEG, Breizh and WB brands.


Born of the distillery’s know-how and made in the pure whisky tradition, our blended whiskies reflect the Warenghem Breton terroir and are both recognized under the Breton Whisky Geographical Indication. The WB is the first whisky made in Brittany and the first of many to come for Warenghem.

Made from 50% grain whisky and 50% malt whisky, Galleg, meaning “France” in Breton, and with its clearly identified Breton design, anchors this whisky very clearly in its heritage.


Color : Golden.

Nose: Characterized by notes of English candy and exotic fruits, it keeps the typical character of the distillery (marine influence, light peat).

Palate : Fluid and full, it brings freshness supported by a beautiful fruity.

Finish : All in roundness and mellowness.


A mythical beverage of the Celts, the chouchen recipe has remained unchanged: we use water from our Rest Avel spring with added honey and yeast for fermentation in order to produce our “honey of the sea”, the Melmor chouchen. Authentic and richly flavoured, our chouchen is an invitation to discover our legendary Breton terroir.

L’héritage des druides (certified organic)

Mythical Celtic drink, the recipe of chouchen has remained the same: water, drawn from the source of our distillery, honey of different origins to refine the taste and yeast for fermentation. Here are the ingredients of the chouchen l’Héritage des Druides. Chouchen is the Breton equivalent of mead.

Traditionally, the Bretons added freshly squeezed apple juice to start the fermentation. Our artisanal methods of manufacture guarantee the authenticity and the taste of chouchen, our Breton origin, its terroir. To make this chouchen, we have selected the best organic honeys (mountain honey and forest honey).


It offers a fragrant taste, with elegant floral notes, then develops honeyed aromas in the palate. Round and smooth, it is soft without being too sweet.

Its finish is soft and caressing with a touch of acidity.


Mythical Celtic drink, the recipe of chouchen has remained the same: water, drawn from the source of our distillery, 100% french honey to refine the taste and yeast for fermentation.

Fruit of a mixture of honeys skilfully selected for their aromatic qualities, the Chouchen Melmor is made after a slow fermentation.

A drink with an undeniable Breton temperament, it invites you to travel through Brittany, a land of legend and character.


Very aromatic, floral, soft and warm Chouchen. Ideal to be consumed in Breton aperitif or in cocktail (Celtic kir, Breton grog). Its gustative qualities make it a highly appreciated aperitif to be consumed fresh.

Melmor vieilli

Mythical Celtic drink, the recipe of chouchen has remained the same: water, drawn from the source of our distillery, 100% french honey to refine the taste and yeast for fermentation.

Fruit of a mixture of honeys skilfully selected for their aromatic qualities, the Chouchen Melmor is made after a slow fermentation.

After fermentation, the chouchen rest in oak casks for at least 6 months in the distillery’s cellars. The iodized Breton climate and the quality of the oak bring a more important aromatic complexity and give to the chouchen additional letters of nobility.


Melmor Chouchen Vieilli is a fin and very gentle Mead, with sweet aromas of candied fruits and honey.

This ultimate Breton aperitif may be appreciated as a cocktail (Celtic Kir, Breton Grog) and also on its own, as a dessert wine.

Gin Dizoñv

As remarkable as a zebra in Brittany, here we have the untamed Breton gin: Dizoñv. An artisanal gin distilled at the Warenghem distillery, it is an amalgamation of the two facets of Brittany, the land and the sea, or the armor and argoat.

A botanical blend of sea fennel and cider brandy creating a fine balance between iodised and fruity flavours. All the know-how of the Warenghem distillery producing a unique taste experience, whether straight or with tonic.

Our distilled gin is developed from 9 plants including juniper, coriander, cardamom and meadowsweet. Cider brandy is then added during the blending process to give this gin its own unique aromatic palette.


Nose: Very aromatic. Dominated by citrus (grapefruit) and cardamom. Juniper berry comes next in a mixture of vegetal (cut herbs) and floral (iris). The empty glass reveals earthy and spicy aromas (cinnamon and iris root).

Palate: Relatively soft. Very fresh (lemon) on green apple, followed by liquorice and then mint.

Finish: Vegetal (green melon) and slightly briny.

Our beers

A past master in the brewing arts, our distillery offers you beers from Lannion: with a light and refreshing hint of hops, they will delight all lovers of craft beers. Our beers are also enhanced by our other specialities: Breton Whisky and Chouchen.